The trip to the Faroe Islands was my dream!

Most of my friends simply had no idea of where it is.

Just in a two hours flight, the plane transported us from Copenhagen to Torshavn: the capital of the archipelago, which belongs to Denmark, but is quite independent. To travel to the Faroe Islands you need a special visa, exchange your money to a local Faroese króna. These little coins are like pieces of art: they are very unusual and beautiful!

Approaching the only airport of the archipelago is very difficult – the aircraft descends right before the tops of the surrounding mountains, in a scary and somehow dramatical way it makes several manoeuvres and rapidly touches the strip.

A similar by its difficulty landing I saw only in Bhutan – a small state in the center of the Himalayas. Only few flights by the local Atlantic Airways and SAS connect the island with the mainland.

The first thing that catches one’s eyes right after leaving the plane are all the possible varieties of green. And the second thing are the waterfalls. There are so many waterfalls that you immediately understand that counting them becomes a useless task! And indeed, during those few days we spent on the island we saw probably more than a hundred waterfalls. The locals know the names of many of them. The rest, I think, only the employees of the cartographic society.

So why should you visit the Faroe Islands?

I think there are two reasons.

The first reason is that I have never experienced such a quick disconnection from all the everyday worries. The wind there is strong that it “switches ” the consciousness off and the only thing one is thinking is how to not to be blown away like in the story of “The Wizard of the Emerald City”. And in the intervals between this exceptionally responsible business the brain tries to estimate how fast the wind should blow so that the streams of waterfalls do not fall down, but are wrapped in the process of falling and soar above the river.

The second reason is of course the nature of the island. I have seen many countries – in different hemispheres, on different parallels and meridians. But the nature of the Faroe Islands will remain in my memory for my entire life. This is an uncompromising island! The rocks of 600-800 m height and the waterfalls flow immediately into the sea, and there is always a small painteresque village nearby. Always very clean, like a toy town with very tasty and fresh food.

And of course the islands can be seen in a special, completely mystical way from a helicopter! You can even see the clouds that clung to the high cliffs …

Faroe Islands is truly a unique place where people live in very small towns and villages surrounded by nature.

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