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I don't like just ruins and devastation - I like objects with an interesting history!
Sasha Gentsis

Sasha Gentsis (Moscow, 1971, fine art industrial & landscape photographer).

Has been actively working on different photographic projects for over 20 years.
He started as a landscape photographer. With his landscape photos, he took part in collective exhibitions and festivals of landscape photography, such as “Primordial Russia” and “Golden Turtle” in the Central House of Artists, as well as “Moscow Photo Arsenal”, and participated in projects such as “Metamorphoses of the game”, “Human and The cycles of life” in the St. Petersburg Manege and others.
He also presented more than 20 landscape photography solo exhibitions in different art venues around Moscow: The Gallery of Classical Photography, Gallery on Solyanka, at the “Photo Center” of the Union of Photojournalists in Moscow, in the Press Center “Izvestia”, in the Center for Contemporary Art M’Ars, presented his works in London.

By 2011, Sasha created the series entitled “Photographic Duets”. By combining photographs in pairs according to a certain conceptual similarity, he strived to emphasize the emotional basis of these works. Some of the photographs can be seen in private homes and collections.

Since 2014 he significantly changed his artistic expression and photographic style due to his interest in abandoned or historical objects related to soviet times. For almost 4 years Sasha has been taking pictures at the legendary industrial soviet plant Zil talking to workers and finding unique scenes. The result of his work was his first museum exhibition, entitled Socialist Surrealism, which took place at the Jewish Museum and the Tolerance Center in Moscow, in 2018. 17 large format images show the atmosphere of the plant Zil in its last years before its demolishment. In 2019 this project became part of the V Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art in Ekaterinburg.

In autumn 2020 Sasha Gentsis presented his new photographic series dedicated to aviation entitled Guided Heavens in the Ekaterina Foundation in Moscow.
His recent exhibition entitled “Nature or Progress” took place at the Winzavod Contemporary Art Center in Moscow from August 19 to September 3, 2021.

Past exhibitions
2003 - 2021